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Someone took a candid photo of a fight in Ukranian Parliament that is as well-composed as the best renaissance art

this is currently my favorite thing on the entire internet

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Pokemon logic

23 cent/km
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Dunai-3U, Russian early warning radar outside Moscow

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Hong Kon color blocking, Justyna Zduńczyk

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The precision art of creating hobo nickels is alive and well in the skilled hands of British artist Shaun Hughes (previously featured here). These particular pieces each show off Hughes’ fondness for carving beautiful floral scrollwork designs on the portraits or backgrounds of coins.

Twisting through the portraits or creeping into the backgrounds, the fine lines give the currency new depth. With incredible detail and precision Hughes transforms these small-denomination coins into pieces of fine art, many of which are for sale via eBay.

Check out Hughes’ YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram for more photos of his excquisitely carved coins and videos of his painstaking process:

A video posted by Shaun Hughes (@shaun_hughes_engraving_uk) on Oct 23, 2016 at 12:43pm PDT

[via My Modern Met and Colossal]

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I’m not about to kinkshame a whole aquarium but

carry me into the sunset, my cephalopod prince

friends, you don’t understand. This ad campaign was goddamn HUGE. They bought out the entirety of multiple train stations in Boston with these. There are so many more, and they’re all this same beautiful combination of questionable/amazing.


This is the best thing in my life


I love that this makes you think of me.

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